Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov
(1899 - 1977)


Véra Evseevna Slonim
(1902 - 1991)



Dmitri (Vladimirovich) Nabokov
("Bubka", "Mitenka", "Mityushenka", "Mityushonok", "Musinka")


bd. 10 May 1934, Berlin

dd. 22 February 2012, Vevey (Vaud)

Opera singer, translator, writer, mountaineer, racing driver. In Europe he lived mainly in Monza, Italy, and since 1989 in Montreux, Switzerland. He had a severe driving accident in 1980, suffering burns and damage to the vertebrae which finished his operatic career. Together with his mother, he managed The Estate of Vladimir Nabokov, living in Palm Springs, FL and since 1989 in Montreux, in an apartment overlooking the Lake of Geneva, the town and the refurbished Palace Hotel. He died while at work on a translation of his father's poems

SM 54, 179, 258, 292, 295-310

LtVé  c.210 mentions throughout


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