m. 1910

Nikolai Nikolaevich Kolomeitsev

Nina Dmitrievna Nabokov

bd. 16 Jul 1867
dd. 1944,

Naval officer (from 1911 admiral), hero of the Russian-Japanese War. “During the battle of Tsushima, this uncle of mine, then holding the rank of captain, had managed to bring his destroyer alongside the burning flagship and save the naval commander in chief” (Nabokov).

During the battle in the Tsushima Straits between Japan and Corea (27-28 May 1905), where Russia lost two thirds of its fleet, Kolemeitsev was Captain of the torpedo boat ‘Buinyi. He saved Admiral Zinovi Rozhestvenski, wounded in the head by a shell, from the burning battleship ‘Knyaz Suvorov’ which sunk shortly after and transferred the ‘Suvorov’ crew to the cruiser ‘Dmitri Donskoi’ which sank the next day

SM 189

bd. 14 Oct 1865, St.Petersburg
28 Sep 1944, Paris

Maid of honor of Empress Marie at the court of Czar Alexander II

SM 60, 196



spouses: 1, 2

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