Prince Alexis Nicolaevich Shakhovskoy
(1855 - 1921)


Princess Anna Leonidovna Knin
(1872 - 1963)

m. 21 Nov 1926 in Ixelles

Sviatoslav de Malewsky-Malewitch

Princess Zinaïda Alexeevna Shakhovskaya

bd. 8 Feb 1905, St.Petersburg
dd. 5 Jun 1973, Paris

Diplomat, painter

bd. 30 Aug 1906, Moscow
8 Jun 2001, Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (Essonne)

Name also spelled Chakovskaia, Sachovskaja, Schachowskoy etc. in different library catalogs

Left Russia in 1919 with her family who spent four years in Constantinople, then  moved on to Brussels

Spent two years in the Belgian Congo with her diplomat husband

Journalist, writer (in French and Russian), pseudonym Jacques Croisé. In the 1930s on very friendly terms with VN. Not after WWII. Wrote V poiskakh Nabokova (Paris: Presse Libre, 1979), a book Vladimir Nabokov objected to



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