Johann Jakob Fischer
( - 1786)


Regina Elisabeth Hartung
(1734 - 1805)

m. Sep 1796, Königsberg (East  Prussia)

Friedrich August v. Staegemann

Johanna Elisabeth Fischer

bd. 7 Nov 1763, Vierraden
17 Dec 1840, Berlin

Lawyer, diplomat, statesman, from 1823 chief of Prussian State Chancellery and minor poet

SM 54

bd. 11 Apr 1761, Königsberg (East Prussia)
dd. 12 Jul 1835, Berlin

Artist, much solicited beauty, friends with poet Heinrich von Kleist who tried to see her on the day of his suicide (21 Nov 1811) but was not received because she was suffering from neuralgia. No evidence that Kleist was in love with her 12 year old daughter Hedwig who opened the door when he called

SM 54



spouses: 1, 2


Viktor August v. Staegemann
Hedwig Elisabeth v. Staegemann

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