Nikolai Nikolaevich Golubtsov

Nikolai Alexandrovich Nabokov

(1795 - 1873)

 Agrafena Sergeevna Zhabin

Anna Alexandra Nazimov

(1808 - 1847)


Viktor Nikolaevich Golubtsov

Elena Nikolaevna Nabokov

married: after Vera's death in 1862

bd. 7 Jan 1832

dd. 16 Feb 1903

First marriage with Elena Nikolaevna's older sister Vera Nikolaevna

bd. 31 Mar 1841

dd. 10 Apr 1904, Perm





spouses: 1, 2


They had four sons and two daughters, among them Nikolai Viktorovich Golubtsov (*1861), Evgenii Viktorovich Golubtsov (1872-1967). The second son was

 Vladimir Viktorovich Golubtsov (186?-19??).

He was a government official (financial affairs) who seems to have emigrated to Berlin in 1919. It was he who established a genealogical table of the Nabokov family tracing it back to Nabok Murza (fl 1380) which was acknowledged by Jacques Ferrand in his genealogy of the Nabokovs. He is the relative ("my father's first cousin") consulted by Vladimir Nabokov in genealogical matters in 1930 and credited in SM 51-52.


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