Victor Fasolt

(1891 - 1944)


Sofia ("Onya") Dmitrievna Nabokov

(1899 - 1982)



Nikolaus Fasolt

 Vera Josefine Wessel

married 11 Aug 1945

bd. 21 Jul 1921, Berlin
dd. 29 Aug 2014, Ruhpolding, Bavaria

Studied languages and made his Dr.phil. (PhD) in Slavic Literatures with a thesis on Alexander Blok criticism, then became  manager of Servais-Werke, a maker of ceramic tiles, a part of the Wessel group where he eventually became C.E.O. In 1978 he briefly succeeded H. M. Schleyer who had been killed by RAF terrorists as president of BDI, the Federal Association of German Industry. After his retirement he became one of the leading figures of the Stiftung Industrieforschung (Foundation of Industrial Research), living in Bergen near München.

bd. 19 Apr 1913 













Constantin Fasolt, bd. 1951, Professor of Medieval and Early Modern European History at the University of Chicago

Children: Nicholas and Catherine Fasolt, bd. 1984 (twins)

Natalie Fasolt, bd. c.1952, historian, living in New York and Munich (?)

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