m. 16 Apr 1899

Evsei Lazarevich Slonim

Slava Borisovna Slonim née Feigin

bd. 30 Jan 1865, Sklov near Mogilev (Belorus)
dd. 1928,

Lawyer, businessman (timber trade)

bd. 26 Aug 1872, Mogilev (Belorus)
dd. 1928,

Slava Borisovna had a brother who had at least two children, Ilya and Anna, VéN's cousins.

Anna ("Anyuta") Lazarevna Feigin (1890 in Minsk, Belorus - 6 Jan 1972 in Montreux) studied piano at the Conservatory in St.Petersburg and moved to Berlin after the Revolution where she studied book keeping and music theory. She was good friends with VN and VéN who rented two rooms in her apartment  (Nestorstrasse 22, Berlin-Halensee) from 31 Jul 1932 until Nabokov left Germany on 18 Jan 1937. Anna and her brother Ilya Feigin lived in Nice for a while and escaped from occupied France via Spain and Portugal to Baltimore U.S.A. in Sep 1942. She lived by herself (or with her brother?) in New York City until her health deteriorated so much that VéN in March 1968 brought her over to Montreux where she nursed her until her death in 1972.

Anna's brother Ilya ("Lyusya") Feigin  (c. 1883 - 15 May 1954) was a friend living in Paris and safe-keeping the money VN earned during his trips to France, Belgium and England. He escaped to the U.S.A. in Sep 1942 together with Anna. Several years later he had a stroke which paralyzed him; VéN moved him to Oak Hill Manor, an Ithaca nursing home where he died.

Anna and Ilya Feigin were cousins of Herman Bromberg, a wealthy Berlin (and Leipzig) businessman in the fur trade; his wife was Elena ("Elka") Lvovna Bromberg née Milecka. Anna Feigin persuaded him to hire VN as a tennis coach for his sons Joseph ("Ossia") Bromberg (1917 - 2011) and Abraham ("Rama") Bromberg. The Brombergs also had a daughter, Yula (Judith), born 1908 in Minsk who died 1988 in Israel. VN and VéN chaperoned Joseph and Abraham in the summer of 1927 during their stay in the Baltic resort of Binz (on the island of Rügen).


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