Evsei Lazarevich Slonim
(1865 - 1928)


Slava Borisovna Feigin
(1872 - 1928)



Sonia Sophia ("Sofa") Evseevna Slonim


bd. Nov 1908, St. Petersburg

dd. Jan 24, 1996

Left Russia for Berlin c. 1918 where she studied acting and worked for a perfume company, moved to Paris in 1931 where she worked mainly as a translator for refugee film directors (especially Max Ophüls), after a three months stay at Casablanca fled to the USA in Jan 1941 and finally settled in New York City as a UN translator. In 1932, she married Max Berlstein, an Austrian Jew whom she divorced eight months later. From the late 1920s onwards, she had a long-standing liaison with Carl Junghans (1897-1984), a German documentary film maker, journalist and propagandist who had been a Communist, then turned Nazi (he made the documentary of the Winter Olympics in 1936), but after disagreements with Joseph Goebbels fled to France under an assumed name and in 1941 escaped to the U.S. where he made some Anti-Nazi propaganda but remained under scrutiny as a potential (German? French? Communist?) spy. Sonia eventually moved to Geneva.


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