Johann Gottlieb Pfalz (Ivan Falz)

(1808 - 1972)

 Gottlieb (Bogdan) Knauff

Elisabeth Anna Fein

(1819 - 1862)

Russianized descendant of German "colonists" and bankrupt sewing machines dealer or manufacturer in Ekaterinoslav, Gov't Tauria, South Russia


m. 1862

Friedrich Eduard Falz-Fein

Sofia Louise Bogdanovna Knauff

bd. 1839, Elisabethfeld (Gov't Tauria, South Russia)

dd. 1883

As the eldest son of Elisabeth Fein, he managed the growing estate of Askania-Nova, raising sheep, horses (mainly for the Russian army) and cattle. He and his brother Gustav increased the number of the farm's marino sheep to 750.000















bd. 1835, Ekaterinoslav (today Dnepropetrovsk)

dd. March 1919, Port Khorlư. The only member of the Falz-Fein family who during the Russian Civil War was determined not to flee to Germany, she was shot through the closed door of her house by two Red Army guardsmen (or Cheka agents) who wanted to loot before retiring before the White Army

Sofia was the  daughter of an  impoverished merchant in Ekaterinoslav, and when the three Falz-Fein brothers came to her town looking for a wife, she opted for the youngest one, Gustav, but was forced by their parents to marry Eduard. However, as he was busy on his ranch, she traveled with Gustav all over Europe and married him after Eduard's death which left her the only proprietress the Falz-Fein fortune including Askania-Nova until its confiscation in 1918. After her oldest son Friedrich had finished his studies at the university of Dorpat in 1890, she entrusted the management of all her estates to him, he living at Askania-Nova, she at the sumptuous palace of Preobrazhenka. When after the October Revolution the whole Falz-Fein family flocked to the southern Ukraine, she retired to her own port for the export of hides and wool, Port Khorlư, where the Bolsheviki interred her, accusing her to be an enemy of the people, while they confiscated and looted Askania-Nova and Preobrazhenka.


spouses: 1, 2


Friedrich Jakob (Eduardovich) von Falz-Fein (1863-1920)

Alexander Nikolai Gustav Falz-Fein (1864-1919)

Ivan Gustav Alexander Falz-Fein (1866-1919)

Karl Alexander Emanuel Falz Fein (1871-1918)

Lidia Eduardovna (Lydia Maria) Falz-Fein (1869-1937)

Nikolai Falz-Fein (1873-1939)

Woldemar von Falz-Fein (1877-1946)

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