Johann Gottlieb Pfalz

(1779 - 1830)

Son of Johann Gottlieb Pfalz (1740 - ?)

 and Anna Rosina Pilz (1750 - ?)

 Friedrich Fein

(1794 - 1864)

Anna Elisabeth Bayer

(1779 - ?)

 Anna Dorothea Mehlmann

(1797 - 1872)

m. 1836

Johann Gottlieb Pfalz (Ivan Falz)

Elisabeth Anna (Maria Elizaveta) Fein

bd. 1808, Sohland a.d. Spree (Saxony)

dd. 1872, Askania-Nova (Gov't Tauria, South Russia)

Sheep breeder and wool expert who migrated from Saxony to Southern Russia in 1834 to work for the rich landowner Friedrich Fein, eventually marrying his only daughter. Name Russianized to Falz. In 1864, shortly before his father-in-law's death, Czar Alexander II permitted the family to adopt the name Falz-Fein so that the name Fein would not die out

bd. 1819, Prishib near Melitopol (Gov't Tauria, South Russia)
dd. 1875, Odessa

The only daughter of Friedrich Fein, she inherited his extensive landed property including the large merino sheep farm of Askania-Nova


Friedrich Eduard Falz-Fein (1839-1883)

Ivan Gustav Eduard Falz-Fein (1845-1890)

Elisabeth Falz-Fein (1849-1909)

Emilie Dorothea Falz-Fein (1853-?)

Sophia Rosalie Falz-Fein (1854-1927)

Friedrich Alexander Falz-Fein (1859-c.1913)

Anna Dorothea Anastasia Falz-Fein (1863-?)

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