Johann Georg Fein

(1773 - 1832)


Anna Barbara Hubig



Friedrich Fein

Anna Dorothea Mehlmann

bd. 1794, Chemnitz (Saxony)
dd. 1864, Preobrashenka near Perekop (Gov't Tauria, South Russia)

The youngest son of Johann Georg Fein, Friedrich Fein inherited his father's estate and then began to acquire more land, first the estate of Elisabethfeld W of Melitopol (5900 ha, today Staraya Ekonomiya), then Preobrashenka on the isthmus of Perekop that connects the Crimea to the mainland (35.000 ha), in 1856 the sheep farm Askania-Nova ( ha) and subsequently 11 more estates until, with 200.000 ha, he was one of the biggest landowners in all of Southern Russia.

Askania-Nova, situated just 50 km north of the Crimea, had been founded in 1828 by 25 sheep breeders from the Dukedom of Anhalt-Köthen. The land for their "colony", a lot of 42.500 + 6000 ha of dry and rugged steppe called Chapli in Russian, had been leased by the Czar to Duke Ferdinand Friedrich of Anhalt-Köthen. (Anhalt-Köthen today is part of Saxony-Anhalt.) The settlers had named it in honor of the Duke whose family since 1330 bore the title of Dukes of Ascania. Their sheep farm grew to close to 50.000 animals but due to mismangement did not prosper. Anhalt-Köthen passed it on to Anhalt-Dessau, who in turn sold it at a considerable loss to Friedrich Fein. The new owner made Askania-Nova the largest sheep ranch of Russia

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bd. 1797, Wurttemberg
dd. 1872, Askania-Nova (Gov't Tauria, South Russia)


Elisabeth Anna Fein

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